Generic Graphics Toolkit

GGT is a collection of tools implementing Graphics primitives in generalized ways. Using modern C++ template metaprogramming and generic programming paradigms, GGT is a fast and flexible base for any modern graphics project.

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  • Generic programming tools provided by the GGT:

    Graphics Math Template Library (GMTL)

    • Programmer's Guide [PDF | HTML]
      An in-depth guide to GMTL. Teaches you the philosophy and thinking behind GMTL so you can understand how to use it. After reading this, read the reference manual for API specifics.
    • Reference Manual [html-notree | html-tree | PDF]
      A quick reference for class and function prototypes. Use this after understanding the Programmer's Guide. We generated this document directly from the GMTL header files with the doxygen tool.
    • Browse Source Code [SVN]
      Curious how we implemented something, but don't want to check out the code? Need to track down which revision a bug happened? Here's the source for your reading pleasure.
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