File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AABox.h [code]
AABoxOps.h [code]
Assert.h [code]
AxisAngle.h [code]
AxisAngleOps.h [code]
Comparitors.h [code]
Config.h [code]
Containment.h [code]
Coord.h [code]
CoordOps.h [code]
Defines.h [code]
Eigen.h [code]
EulerAngle.h [code]
EulerAngleOps.h [code]
Frustum.h [code]
FrustumOps.h [code]
GaussPointsFit.h [code]
Generate.h [code]
gmtl.doxygen [code]
gmtl.h [code]
Helpers.h [code]
Intersection.h [code]
LineSeg.h [code]
LineSegOps.h [code]
Math.h [code]
Matrix.h [code]
MatrixConvert.h [code]
MatrixOps.h [code]
Meta.h [code]
OOBox.h [code]
OpenSGConvert.h [code]GMTL/OpenSG conversion functions
Output.h [code]
ParametricCurve.h [code]
Plane.h [code]
PlaneOps.h [code]
Point.h [code]
Quat.h [code]
QuatOps.h [code]
Ray.h [code]
RayOps.h [code]
Sphere.h [code]
SphereOps.h [code]
StaticAssert.h [code]
Tri.h [code]
TriOps.h [code]
Vec.h [code]
VecBase.h [code]
VecExprMeta.h [code]
VecOps.h [code]
VecOpsMeta.h [code]
Version.h [code]
Xforms.h [code]