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OpenSGConvert.h File Reference

GMTL/OpenSG conversion functions. More...

#include <gmtl/Matrix.h>
#include <gmtl/Generate.h>
#include <OpenSG/OSGMatrix.h>
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namespace  gmtl

Meta programming classes.


Matrix44f & gmtl::set (Matrix44f &mat, const OSG::Matrix &osgMat)
 Converts an OpenSG matrix to a gmtl::Matrix.
OSG::Matrix & gmtl::set (OSG::Matrix &osgMat, const Matrix44f &mat)
 Converts a GMTL matrix to an OpenSG matrix.

Detailed Description

GMTL/OpenSG conversion functions.

Methods to convert between GTML and OpenSG matrix classes.

Definition in file OpenSGConvert.h.