Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
gmtl::AABox< DATA_TYPE >Describes an axially aligned box in 3D space
gmtl::meta::AssignArrayUnrolled< ELT, T >
gmtl::meta::AssignArrayUnrolled< 0, T >
gmtl::meta::AssignVecUnrolled< ELT, T >
gmtl::meta::AssignVecUnrolled< 0, T >
gmtl::AxisAngle< DATA_TYPE >AxisAngle: Represents a "twist about an axis" AxisAngle is used to specify a rotation in 3-space
gmtl::CompileTimeError< true >
gmtl::Matrix< DATA_TYPE, ROWS, COLS >::ConstRowAccessorHelper class for Matrix op[] const
gmtl::Coord< POS_TYPE, ROT_TYPE >Coord is a position/rotation pair
gmtl::CubicCurve< DATA_TYPE, SIZE >A representation of a cubic curve with order set to 4
gmtl::meta::DotVecUnrolled< ELT, T1, T2 >Meta class to unroll dot products
gmtl::meta::DotVecUnrolled< 0, T1, T2 >Base cas for dot product unrolling
gmtl::meta::EqualVecUnrolled< ELT, VT >Meta class to test vector equality
gmtl::meta::EqualVecUnrolled< 0, VT >Base cas for dot product unrolling
gmtl::EulerAngle< DATA_TYPE, ROTATION_ORDER >EulerAngle: Represents a group of euler angles
gmtl::meta::ExprTraits< T >Traits class for expression template parameters
gmtl::meta::ExprTraits< VecBase< T, SIZE, DefaultVecTag > >
gmtl::meta::ExprTraits< VecBase< T, SIZE, ScalarArg< T > > >
gmtl::Frustum< DATA_TYPE >This class defines a View Frustum Volume as a set of 6 planes
gmtl::meta::LenSqrVecUnrolled< ELT, T >Meta class to unroll length squared operation
gmtl::meta::LenSqrVecUnrolled< 0, T >Base cas for dot product unrolling
gmtl::LinearCurve< DATA_TYPE, SIZE >A representation of a line with order set to 2
gmtl::LineSeg< DATA_TYPE >Describes a line segment
gmtl::Matrix< DATA_TYPE, ROWS, COLS >State tracked NxM dimensional Matrix (ordered in memory by Column)
gmtl::ParametricCurve< DATA_TYPE, SIZE, ORDER >A base representation of a parametric curve with SIZE component using DATA_TYPE as the data type, ORDER as the order for each component
gmtl::Plane< DATA_TYPE >Plane: Defines a geometrical plane
gmtl::Point< DATA_TYPE, SIZE >Point Use points when you need to represent a position
gmtl::QuadraticCurve< DATA_TYPE, SIZE >A representation of a quadratic curve with order set to 3
gmtl::Quat< DATA_TYPE >Quat: Class to encapsulate quaternion behaviors
gmtl::Ray< DATA_TYPE >Describes a ray
gmtl::RotationOrderBaseBase class for Rotation orders
gmtl::Matrix< DATA_TYPE, ROWS, COLS >::RowAccessorHelper class for Matrix op[]
gmtl::meta::ScalarArg< T >Template to hold a scalar argument
gmtl::Sphere< DATA_TYPE >Describes a sphere in 3D space by its center point and its radius
gmtl::Tri< DATA_TYPE >This class defines a triangle as a set of 3 points order in CCW fashion
gmtl::Type2Type< T >A lightweight identifier you can pass to overloaded functions to typefy them
gmtl::Vec< DATA_TYPE, SIZE >A representation of a vector with SIZE components using DATA_TYPE as the data type for each component
gmtl::VecBase< DATA_TYPE, SIZE, REP >Base type for vector-like objects including Points and Vectors
gmtl::VecBase< DATA_TYPE, SIZE, meta::DefaultVecTag >Specialized version of VecBase that is actually used for all user interaction with a traditional vector
gmtl::meta::VecBinaryExpr< EXP1_T, EXP2_T, OP >Binary vector expression
gmtl::meta::VecNegUnaryNegation of the values
gmtl::output::VecOutputter< DATA_TYPE, SIZE, REP >Outputters for vector types
gmtl::output::VecOutputter< DATA_TYPE, SIZE, gmtl::meta::DefaultVecTag >
gmtl::meta::VecUnaryExpr< EXP1_T, OP >Unary vector expression
gmtl::XYZXYZ Rotation order
gmtl::ZXYZXY Rotation order
gmtl::ZYXZYX Rotation order