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VecBase.h File Reference

#include <gmtl/Defines.h>
#include <gmtl/Util/Assert.h>
#include <gmtl/Util/StaticAssert.h>
#include <gmtl/Util/Meta.h>
#include <gmtl/Config.h>
#include <gmtl/Helpers.h>
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struct  gmtl::meta::DefaultVecTag
class  gmtl::VecBase< DATA_TYPE, SIZE, REP >
 Base type for vector-like objects including Points and Vectors. More...
class  gmtl::VecBase< DATA_TYPE, SIZE, meta::DefaultVecTag >
 Specialized version of VecBase that is actually used for all user interaction with a traditional vector. More...


namespace  gmtl

Meta programming classes.

namespace  gmtl::meta