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VecExprMeta.h File Reference

#include <gmtl/Util/Meta.h>
#include <gmtl/VecOpsMeta.h>
#include <gmtl/VecBase.h>
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struct  gmtl::meta::ScalarArg< T >
 template to hold a scalar argument. More...
struct  gmtl::meta::ExprTraits< T >
 Traits class for expression template parameters. More...
struct  gmtl::meta::ExprTraits< VecBase< T, SIZE, ScalarArg< T > > >
struct  gmtl::meta::ExprTraits< VecBase< T, SIZE, DefaultVecTag > >
struct  gmtl::meta::VecBinaryExpr< EXP1_T, EXP2_T, OP >
 Binary vector expression. More...
struct  gmtl::meta::VecUnaryExpr< EXP1_T, OP >
 Unary vector expression. More...
struct  gmtl::meta::VecPlusBinary
struct  gmtl::meta::VecMinusBinary
struct  gmtl::meta::VecMultBinary
struct  gmtl::meta::VecDivBinary
struct  gmtl::meta::VecNegUnary
 Negation of the values. More...


namespace  gmtl

Meta programming classes.

namespace  gmtl::meta


template<typename T >
ScalarArg< T > gmtl::meta::makeScalarArg (T val)